This book is adapted from Physical Geology by Steven Earle, written for the BCcampus Open Textbook project.

An open textbook for physical geology is something I had been considering ever since taking Introduction to Learning Technologies at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Saskatchewan.  At the time I didn’t have the resources to take on a project of that scope, so I was thrilled when contacted by Clint Lalonde in the summer of 2015 about an open textbook project through BCcampus.

I am grateful to Steven Earle for allowing me to contribute a chapter to his textbook at the very last minute. This adapted version would not be possible without the substantial work he did in writing about and creating images for a very comprehensive list of topics in physical geology.  Having contemplated doing this kind of project on my own, and having explored the truly enormous amount of work involved, I am in awe of what he has created.

Thanks go to Amanda Coolidge for saving me an enormous amount of time by explaining how to modify the text, and sending me the most recent exported files.

I’d also like to thank Heather Ross and Nancy Turner at the Gwenna Moss Centre for their support and encouragement on this project and for discussions with them about open textbooks. Both are champions for open textbooks and open educational resources in general.  I have no doubt that one day commercial publishers will come to think of Heather and Nancy as a cause of considerable annoyance, and that this will please them immensely.

Thanks also to Tim Prokopiuk at the University of Saskatchewan for making samples available to photograph, thus gifting the internet some much needed komatiite images with non-restrictive licenses.

A very big thank you goes to Roger Weller of Cochise College for the thousands of high-quality rock and mineral photographs he has made available with permission granted for non-commercial educational use. The photos have been invaluable for this project.

For questions about this adaptation, please contact

Karla Panchuk

27 January 2017

Fluorite crystals

Fluorite crystals. R. Weller/Cochise College


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