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Physical Geology


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Use the following links to download PDF files of individual chapters. Links will be added as PDFs become available.

Note: This book is being revised. Links to revised 3rd edition chapters are below. The corresponding 2nd edition chapter will become unavailable when the 3rd edition is posted.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Geology (3rd Ed.) Updated 27-8-2017  Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 2. The Origin of Earth and the Solar System (3rd Ed.) Updated 27-1-2017  Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 3. Earth’s Interior (3rd Ed.) Updated 16-3-2018 Get PDF or Read Online

Chapter 4. Plate Tectonics Updated 27-1-2017

Chapter 5. Minerals Updated 27-1-2017

Chapter 6. The Rock Cycle (3rd Ed.) Updated 1-10-2017  Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 7. Igneous Rocks Updated 2-2-2017

Chapter 8. Weathering, Sediment, and Soil Updated 24-2-2017

Chapter 9. Sedimentary Rocks Updated 4-3-2017

Chapter 10. Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks Updated 4-3-2017

Chapter 11. Volcanism (3rd Ed.) Updated 26-9-2017  Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 12. Earthquakes  (3rd Ed.) Updated 26-1-2018  Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 13. Geological Structures and Mountain Building (3rd Ed.) Updated 25-2-2018 Get PDF or Read online

Chapter 14. Streams and Floods Updated 30-3-2017

Chapter 15. Mass Wasting Updated 30-3-2017

Chapter 16. Earth-System Change Updated 30-3-17

Chapter 17. Glaciation (3rd Ed.) Updated 7-3-2018 Get PDF or Read Online

Chapter 18. Geological Resources Updated 1-5-2017

Chapter 19. Measuring Geological Time Updated 1-5-2017


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